AfrONet is a membership Network that draws members from national, regional and continental organic agriculture organizations, associations, networks and companies in Africa. Eligible members are; any organization, association, network or company of good and ethical standing, in the organic sector, with operations in Africa or abroad may become a member of AfrONet, provided they are prepared and able to support the objectives of the Network directly or indirectly.

At the national level, eligible members shall be the “National Organic Agriculture Movement/Network (NOAMs).

There are three categories of members, namely: Founding Members, Full Members and Associate
  1. The Founding Members, are all African organizations meeting the definition of full member, create AfrONet by agreeing to this constitution and having their representative sign it before 1 July 2013.
  2. Full Members: All Organic Agriculture actors facilitating organic agriculture value chains that have their offices in any of African countries and dedicated to develop organic agriculture in Africa.
  3. Associate Members: Organization, association, network or company that support and facilitate organic value chains in or out of Africa. AfrONet Patrons and Champions, also, qualify as Associate members.

New members (Full and Associate) are admitted to the organization by consensus of the Board and upon scrutiny of the applications. The term of membership is indefinite; but members may resign or be removed in accordance with the set out rules and procedures.



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