Dear Participants,

This information note is designed to assist you in facilitating your journey to Saly (Senegal) and making it more trouble-free.
It provides you with basic information, guidance and answers to Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) and problems encountered during international travels.


If for any reason, you are not in a position to obtain visa, to allow you entry into Senegal, please do let us know as soon as possible, preferably seven-to-ten days before your arrival.
We will be compiling a list of participants requiring visa at the port of entry, to be submitted to the immigration authorities at the International Airport in Diass.
If you happen to be one of those to benefit from this arrangement, you should take note of the following:

1.1.You must have in your possession, the official letter of invitation sent to you by FENAB;

1.2. When you reach the immigration check-point, you must indicate to the immigration officer that you are a participant to the 4th AOC taking place at Palm Beach Hotel and Hotel Saly Princess. At that point, you will be required to produce your official invitation letter as a form of verification.

1.3.If there are several of you arriving on the same flight, you will be asked to stand aside until all the other passengers are dealt with. Thereafter, you will be escorted to the visa issuing office, where your requests for visa will be processed. You will complete the necessary forms and pay the required visa fee.

1.4.Should you require reimbursement for your visa fees USD 50, you must maintain your receipt and submit it to the FENAB Secretariat at the conference venue.



FENAB and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will maintain a “Reception Point” for participants within the Hall after the baggage reclaim hall of the airport.
The staff there will provide you with all forms of possible assistance to reclaim your luggage, go through the customs check-point, and arrange for your transportation to the hotel you are booked in. Sometimes, those people are not allowed to access at that point, but they will be at the Airport with something having 4th AOC signals. They will direct you in the buses for transportation to Hotel Saly Princess.
If for one reason or the other, there is nobody at the reception check-point to receive you and arrange for your transportation to the hotel, you could do one of the following:

2.1. Take an airport taxi, located at the taxi park. To get to the taxi park, turn right just as you come out of the airport terminal building. Maximum taxi fare to the hotel should be 10,000 Francs CFA (the local currency), equivalent to about $20.

2.2. To obtain the local currency, there is a Foreign Exchange Bureau at the Departure lounge, located on the ground floor of the Terminal Building. As of now the exchange rate is at $1 = 565 Francs CFA. Euro1 = 655 FCFA, but it may be a little bit less.

2.3. Alternatively, you could call at any of the following telephone numbers and request for someone to pick you up at the airport, indicating clearly your exact location within the airport terminal building.

TEL: + 221 33 957 72 01 /Cell phone: + 221 77 577 18 98 E-mail: salyprincess03@orange.sn
When you call at the hotel, request to be directed to the conference secretariat:
CELL: + 221 77 442 40 29
Cell: + 221 77 533 14 23

Information is provided on the following services to suit your convenience, to make you feel relaxed in Dakar and enjoy the “Traditional Senegalese Hospitality”, locally referred to as “Teranga Senegalaise”

3.1 Dining Out
There are a lot of restaurants within the vicinity of the hotel specializing in Senegalese, African and International meals.

3.2 Night Life
There are several night clubs and local orchestra halls available within the vicinity of the hotel and in the city, specializing in local Senegalese music (Mbalax), other African music as well as western and oriental music.

3.3 Medical Care
Should you have an urgent need for a doctor, contact the conference secretariat and arrangements will be made for you to visit a licensed doctor.
In case you need to buy “off- the- counter drugs”, there is a pharmacy located at the area of the hotel in Saly.
Please note that in Senegal, Pharmacies are not allowed to sell prescription drugs without a valid prescription from a licensed doctor.

3.4 Foreign Exchange Services
There are licensed foreign exchange offices available within the vicinity of the hotel.
Alternatively, you may wish to use one of the Exchange Bureau services at the Airport, which is about 30 minutes driving distance by taxi. There is a Taxi Park located right in front of the Hotel.

3.5 Escort Services
Although Saly is a relatively safe city, but we do advise participants who wish to venture outside the hotel premises to make use of any of the staff services at the conference secretariat, should you require friendly services (people from LOC).

Temperature in Saly is relatively high at that time of the year, ranging from 30 – 33 Degrees Celsius for much of the day, but mild during the night, especially also for the fact that the hotel is not so far from the Atlantic Ocean.
Accordingly, you may wish to bring along more warm clothing.

Please ensure that you have in your possession a valid health certificate, and you must have taken the required vaccinations, recommended by the World health Organization (WHO) for traveling to tropical Africa, including anti-malarial vaccination. This is an international immigration requirement, and is seriously applied in Senegal by the immigration authorities at the airport.

Thank you for accepting our invitation to participate at the 4th AOC. We hope the information provided herein, assists you in having a more trouble-free journey and an enjoyable stay in Saly (Senegal), “The Land of Hospitality”.

For The Local Organizing Committee
Ibrahima SECK
Tel. + 221 77 442 4029

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