AfrONet undertakes the following functions deemed appropriate in meeting its objectives as cited in the Network’s constitution. These functions are mostly conducted, as much as possible, by pooling and making use of members’ own human, financial and technical resources.

  • Unite and network organic agriculture actors and stakeholders across the continent
  • Undertake lobby and advocacy at high levels
  • Support capacity building for key players in organic agriculture across the continent
  • Mobilize resources for its endeavours in promoting organic agriculture on the continent
  • Provide management and administrative consultancy to like minded programs and partners
  • Undertake any other functions as deemed necessary to address our objectives

About Us

Registered in Tanzania as an International Non-Governmental Organization (I-NGO)

It is operated as a charitable not-for-profit

organization with a mandate limited to the

objectives set in its constitution ... more

NSSF Mafao House,Ilala Boma
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

+255 732 975799
+255 787 908303


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